Watch This!

Observational Learning in VR Promotes Better Far Transfer than Active Learning for a Fine Psychomotor Task

Sweating the Details

Emotion Recognition and the Influence of Physical Exertion in Virtual Reality Exergaming


Dancing with the Avatars

Minimal Avatar Customisation Enhances Learning in a Psychomotor Task


Using Deepfake Technology for Feedforward Learning

Not What You Think!

Effects of User and Technical Factors on VR Presence

Feel the Force, See the Force

Exploring Visual-tactile Associations of Deformable Surfaces with Colours and Shapes

Imagine That!

Imaginative Suggestibility Affects Presence in Virtual Reality


Dancing with the Avatars

Feedforward Learning from Self-Avatars

Street Harassment

Designing and Assessing a Virtual Reality Simulation to Build Resilience to Street Harassment


Text Entry with finger tapping and gaze-directed word selection

Rubber Hand Illusion

A Virtual Reality Application of the Rubber Hand Illusion Induced by Ultrasonic Mid-Air Haptic Stimulation

Tactile Images

Communicating Photograph Content Through Tactile Images to People With Visual Impairments


A Computer Vision Driven Sensory Substitution Device for Rock Climbing

Material-Weight Illusion

Using Immersive Virtual Reality to Examine How Visual and Tactile Cues Drive the Material-Weight Illusion



Discreet Hands- and Eyes-Free Input by Voluntary Tensor Tympani Muscle Contraction

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality and older adults: A comparison of prompting types


Reverse engineering of resizable user interface layouts with or-constraints


Eyes-only Direct Manipulation with Continuous Gaze Modulated by Closure of One Eye

Virtual Reality

Effects of emotion and agency on presence in virtual reality

Mixed-Ability Gaming

Exploring Asymmetric Roles in Mixed-Ability Gaming

Feeling Colours

Crossmodal Correspondences Between Tangible 3D Objects, Colours and Emotions



Data-Driven Interactive Sword Fighting in Virtual Reality

Race Yourselves

A Longitudinal Exploration of Self-Competition Between Past, Present, and Future Performances in a VR Exergame

Affect Recognition

Using Psychophysiological Correlates in High Intensity VR Exergaming

Affect Elicitation and Tracking

Guidelines for Affect Elicitation and Tracking in High Intensity VR Exergaming

Me vs. Super(wo)man

Effects of Customization and Identification in a VR Exergame


An Efficient Solver for Adaptive GUI Layout with OR-Constraints


Interactive Virtual Environments

The effect of task on visual attention in interactive virtual environments


Making Code Navigation Easy and Natural with Gaze Input

ORC Layout

Adaptive GUI Layout with OR-Constraints


Quick Text Editing with Keyboard and Gaze

Jump & Run

Virtual Performance Augmentation in an Immersive Jump & Run Exergame



Interactive Feedforward for Improving Performance and Maintaining Intrinsic Motivation in VR Exergaming