Christof is a Reader in Human-Computer Interaction and director of REVEAL. He is also deputy director of the Centre for Digital Entertainment (CDE), one of the doctoral training centres at the Department of Computer Science, and a member of the Centre for the Analysis of Motion, Entertainment Research and Applications (CAMERA).

Christof’s research interests focus on immersive technology (AR/VR), novel interaction techniques, and applications in training and healthcare. Current projects include: using VR for learning and training in healthcare, sports and industrial applications; using AR to support people living with dementia, using VR as a co-design tool, using eye gaze to supplement or replace traditional input devices, and haptic user interfaces.

If you are interested in collaborating with REVEAL, please contact Christof. Our current collaborators include multidisciplinary researchers from all over the world, commercial partners of all sizes, charities, and government organisations.