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Would you like to experience modern Virtual Reality technology, play games and help science?
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Skyrim in Virtual Reality
Reward: £40 Amazon voucher for 8 sessions of VR play and qestionnaires (less than 1 hour each) on 8 separate days
In this study you get to play Skyrim in VR, using modern VR hardware, for ~30min per day over 8 days (not necessarily consecutive). Immerse yourself into the beautiful world of Skyrim, complete quests, level up your character, and help science by answering some questionnaires about your experience.
Eligibility: 18 years old or above, have normal or corrected normal vision, have normal or corrected normal hearing, don't suffer from or have a family history of epilepsy.
Location: Human-Computer Interaction Lab at 1 West 2.58
Book your participation by emailing Kenneth Dasalla