The REal and Virtual Environments Augmentation Labs (REVEAL) are the research centre for immersive technology at the University of Bath. We are an interdisciplinary group of researchers from Computer Science, Engineering, Psychology and Health working with VR and AR technology.

Core Members

Photo of Christof Lutteroth
Christof Lutteroth (Director)
Photo of Michael Proulx
Michael Proulx (Co-Director)
Photo of Eamonn O'Neill
Eamonn O'Neill
Photo of Karin Petrini
Karin Petrini

Student Members

Photo of Isabel Fitton
Isabel Fitton, CDE EngD Student (Media Coordinator)
Photo of Thomas Williams

Thomas Williams, CDE EngD Student
Photo of Holly Wilson

Holly Wilson, PhD Student
Photo of Crescent Jicol

Crescent Jicol, PhD Student
Photo of Kris Kosunen

Kris Kosunen, CDE EngD Student